The track is comprised of 36 sections of different distances and difficulty. The distances vary from 7 to 12 km. Each runner of the 12 member teams runs 3 sections within 8 - 10 hours, which amounts to 30 km in 2 days' time. 

The organizer provides teams with a detailed description of each section - section maps, handover areas, elevation profile of the track, word description. All of these descriptions along with the guidelines and rules make up a so called HANDBOOK. Printed handbooks will be distributed during the presentation of teams. E-handbook will be provided to all team captains who want to study the track as soon as the registration closes. The organizer can provide team captains, who have paid the registration fee, with the e-handbook beforehand in order to allow the teams to study the track. The official final version of the handbook will be up-to-date only at the moment the race starts. Until then, the organizer can make changes in guidelines or rules. All he changes will be listed and given to all team captains in print on the place. 

Elevation profile of track

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