Each team must be an independent unit during the whole run. Hand-over points are the only place where the runners come into contact with the organizers. Therefore, each runner must wear an appropriate equipment during the run and the team must secure hydration and food independantly. The moment your team is complete, have a team meeting and divide all the responsibilities among yourselves.

Make sure you know what to do:

  • if a runner gets to the hand-over point but nobody is waiting to take over the relay
  • if your car or your runner gets lost
  • when you need to refuel
  • when you need to eat, what food and drink to take with you
  • what clothes to take, you have to be prepared for any kind of weather
  • where the second car stops and rests
  • if there is an emergency e.g. medical
  • when you're running through the night
  • when organizing your preparation for the race
  • about communication between your team cars

Some sections have poor reception. One person should take care of the phones. It is important to have all the numbers of your team members along with the important numbers from the organizers in every single car. Make sure your phone batteries are charged before the race. It would be best if you had numbers from different service providers.

During the night part of the race, the organizer will provide a place to sleep and showers. There will be parking areas or toilets at each of the hand-over points. Please, follow all the instructions you are given. And forget about rest – you can bring your own sleeping bags and sleeping pads, to be more comfortable.


2x high visibility vests
2x blinking light for runners
2x headlamps
irst aid kit
HANDBOOK – your itinerary, maps, rules etc. (provided by the organizer)


1x stopwatch (personal keeping of time)
1x GPS device
spare batteries
enough food and drink for the duration of the race
plastic bags
list of phone numbers of all team members


3 changes of running clothes 
2 pairs of running shoes 
1 pair of sport shoes or slippers when not running 
sunglasses, sun cap and sun cream 
set of spare clothing 
watch, ideally sport-tester 
mobile phone, camera, mp3 player 
drinking bottle 
pillow, sleeping bag, sleeping pad 
personal hygiene set, towel, toilet powder or cream for abrasions 
good humour 

Team captains' meeting

We will go over all the rules and the entire organization of the race and we will answer any of your questions at this meeting. If team captains can't make it to the meeting, they should appoint a team member to represent them at the meeting. This meeting is also the presentation of the teams, where each one of the captains will receive all the necessary materials about the race.

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