If you are a runner who would like to take part, but you are still looking for a team.

Register as NEW USER (Register as a runner who is looking for a team).

Submit your information in your profile, especially your contact information and your time on 10 km track.

After creating your account, your name will appear on the list of Runners looking for a team.

Your information will be available to all online team captains. They will be able to contact you about your becoming a member of their team.

If you no longer wish your information to be visible, check “Don't show my profile”.

Do the same if you become a member of a team, so the other captains don't contact you any more.

If you're online you have access to contact information of team captains, who are looking for team members Competing teams. You can contact the captains and negotiate your team membership.

If you're team captain and you're looking for members of your team.

If you haven't registered yet, you can do so as NEW USER (Register as captain)

Every user registered as captain can check “I'm looking for team members”. If you've already created your team, there will be a note saying you're looking for team members in your team's profile.

Your information will be available to all online users, including the runners looking for a team.

These runners can contact you with a request to become your team member. You will appear to be looking for team members when you create a team Competing teams.

When logged in, you will have access to information about runners looking for a team Runners looking for a team. You can contact the runners and negotiate their membership.

If you make an agreement with a runner, you must add his information to your team just like all the other team members' information.

If you've already done so, you can check “This runner is a member of my team”. The runner's name will disappear from the list of runners looking for a team. This however doesn't mean that the runner will be automatically added to your team! 

To add the found runner, proceed as when you were adding your original team members.

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