Main rules of the race

2.1.1.  Every runner runs the individual sections separately.

It is not possible for a runner to run two sections following each other. With the exception – if the next runner doesn’t show up (instructions in the Guidelines).

Runners in the category E) ULTRA are permitted to choose to run two sections following each other – as long as they informed the organizers about it. If they did, the entire team must follow through.

2.1.2.  All team members must run the same number of sections +/- 1 section.

This number does not cover the runners who withdraw from the race.

2.1.3.  Runners run in a set order.

This rule is valid also for the 10 and 11-member teams. In this case, if all the runners have already run three sections, the order of runners running the sections left can be random, as long as the teams retain the rules 2.1.1. and 2.1.2.

Other rules of the race

2.2.  Every participant must be 18 in time of the race. Exceptions are possible only in special cases after an agreement with the organizer.

2.3.  If a runner goes off the track, they must get return to the place where they took the wrong turn. They can be helped by their team vehicle, but mustn´t run ahead the distance the runner has already run.

2.4.  Only one correctly labelled team vehicle is permitted in the handover area and the parking place at the handover area. When runners are changing cars, both of the cars are permitted to be in the handover area. 

  • If the team has 12 members, their cars should meet twice every 12 sections.
  • If the team has 11 members, their cars should meet twice every 11 sections.
  • If the team has 10 members, their cars should meet twice every 10 sections.
  • If the team has 9 members, their cars should meet twice every 9 sections.
  • If there are 6 members, their cars should meet every 6 sections.

In order to keep any delays during the handover to a minimum, only one of the vehicles is permitted in the handover area.

2.5.  Vehicle labels must be visibly placed behind the car wind shield. If a team is using one vehicle, both labels must be placed behind the wind shield.

2.6.  Team vehicle can drive the runner who takes over the relay only 50 m from the handover zone. The vehicle can leave the runner in proximity of the handover zone and park while waiting for the runner to finish the previous section.

2.7.  Runner on the track runs on the left side of the road, except when instructed otherwise.

2.8.  The team´s relay bracelet must be visible and bared by every team member while running their individual sections. The last runner must bring it to the finish.

2.9.  All team members can join their last running team member for the last 200 m to cross the finish line together.

2.10.  It is not permitted for the runners to be accompanied by “tempo” driver – another runner (unless it is another runner from another team running their section) or a bike rider, or, possibly, being accompanied by a dog. This rule does not cover those competitors, who are purblind or blind, who must give the state of their condition to the organizer prior to the start of the race.

2.11.  Vehicles cannot accompany the runners during the race, they can´t serve as light for the sections run at night.

2.12.  Every runner must wear reflective vest at reduced visibility and a head light and blinking arm light at night.

2.13.  Every participant (also the non-running ones) must have their vest on when they get out of the car (also at the hand overs).

2.14.  The runners who run the night sections are allowed an accompaniment – another runner or a bike rider, as long as, according to the rule 2.10., is not a part of their team, but must use the same security items as every team member does. This accompanier must run behind the runner or on the other side of the road.

2.15.  In case that a team is running much better times than they gave at the registration, the organizer has the right to stop the team at the handover for the time it takes to prepare the rest of the track. This time will be subtracted from the finishing time of the team.

2.16.  In case a team is running much slower times than they give at the registration, they will be informed that they may be disqualified. If the team doesn´t make it to the handover zone in time for the handover before the zone is closed and off limits, they will be disqualified. If a team makes up for the lost time and finish the race in time, they will not be disqualified.

2.17.  The runners must pass the relay to the next runner in the order set by the organizer- The handover zone is properly marked and secured by a person appointed by the organizer. The organizer will mostly use road cones and other visible elements.

2.18.  It is forbidden to drink alcohol on the track during the race.

Sanctions if rules are broken

2.19.1.  Team will get a 30 minute penalty, if: 

-    their starting number is not visible
-    the relay bracelet is not visible
-    a team member is present at the handover zone, but there is no runner to handover the relay or the runner to take over the relay
-    runners are accompanied by the team vehicle
-    teams park their vehicle closer than 50 m from the handover zone
-    unsportsmen like behaviour, dangerous driving of the team vehicle, teams do not follow the rules of road traffic; loud music is
     played during the night run or if there are any other… to the home occupants; also rude and indecent writing on the team

2.19.2.  Team will get a 60 minute penalty, if:

-    any of the team members runs more sections following each other (rule 2.1.1.), or maybe if they do not keep the rule of a 60
     minute break in case of the next runner not being in the handover zone in time to take over the relay
-    not keeping the rule about all team members running the same number of sections (rule 2.1.2.)
-    team changes the order of the runners (rule 2.1.3.)
-    runner is accompanied by the “tempo” driver or dog (rule 2.10.)

2.19.3.  The organizer can disqualify any team, if:

-    team gravely violates rules during the race
-    repeatedly violates rules according to the rule 2.1.
-    drinking alcohol on the track during the race
-    there is a 4 hour difference between the actual time of any team and the time estimated on the basis of the given times at the
-    team begins the race before they are given the “Go”
-    team is proven to have damaged foreign property or polluted public property
-    team does not follow the rule of vehicles not passing through the forbidden zones
-    a runner is driven to the handover zone by an unmarked vehicle
-    a runner is transported at any part of their section in a car

The organizer can disqualify any team during the race or in the finish, without a previous warning. Furthermore, the organizer has the right not to let the once disqualified team take part in the next year’s race.

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