Here are 10 things you should know before entering Tatras to Danube Relay Race.

1. Be careful about what you eat

Having run a great amount of kilometres changes everybody's digestion. We will not tell everybody what they should eat. We are merely asking you to be careful. We will have chemical toilets standing by, however, nobody would want to get stuck in those because of poor nutrition.

2. Don't forget to decorate your car

Decorating your cars is a part of the race. Yes, during the race, we are going to have a contest of the best-looking car. Let your creativity do the job and put your car in a “costume”. All of this completes the atmosphere on track. You have to admit, that it's going to make a huge diference after having spent days in your cars and having an “interesting” odour inside.

3. This race is one huge sleepover party

Sleeping on the ground in he gym, on grass by the track or a cemetery are only some of the countless experiences just waiting for each one of you. Who would ever need a bed, right?

4. Air, air, air!

Flip-flops or sandals could save your feet. If you don't want stink around with your feet in wet socks all the way through this race, let them breathe!

5. Take really big plastic bags

You will use them to put away all your dirty things. Your team mates will definitely appreciate that. And so will you. Well, temporarily. 

6. Change of clothes

Changing your clothes can change your attitude and your mood.  And it will definitely help with your personal odour.

7. Etiquette

There is a certain etiquette at an event of this format. Be thankful to the people at the hand over areas and respect the people, who live in the places you're running through. Do not criticize, share your food and drink, help others, be happy, smile more than usual and don't drive too fast around the runners. Runners need their space. You will also appreciate the tactfulness when you're running your section on dirt road.

8. Running through the night

Running through the night is the hardest experience of all. Many women are nervous and men are worried, however, this part of the race is the most exciting challenge you can ever experience. Don't worry about it, enjoy it instead!

9. People with hoses by the track

People with hoses by the track could, at the right time, be your best best friend. Little refreshment on Sunday noon could be bought with gold.

10. Attitude is everything

Your attitude could weight in much more than your ability to run all the sections as fast as possible. You will be tired and sleepy. You will feel terrible, your joints will hurt and your muscles will stiffen up. But as long as you're in a good mood, you can connect with others in a very wonderful way. Just remember: Anybody could train to run 30 km in 36 hours. But only some actually enjoy it with a big fat smile on their faces.

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