Time of start

The starting time of your team will be determined by the organizer on the basis of the running times given at the registration, after the final deadline July 31st 2020. The aim of the organizer is for all the teams to cross the finish line in the shortest intervals possible. It is very important, that these times correspond with the truth and reality. On their basis the organizer can estimate the finishing time of your team. Inaccuracies can cause great deviations on a track of this magnitude. If you give inaccurate times at the registration and run much faster, your team can be stopped at any handover. If any one of the team members hasn´t run the 10 km track, we recommend they do it as soon as possible, whether it is during a race or in training for a race. The average time of the entire team must not be more than 60 minutes on 10 km track.

Exchange of vehicles

Teams with two vehicles, each of which drive 6 runners will follow these instructions:

Vehicle number 1 drives the runners with numbers 1 – 6 and the second vehicle runners with numbers 7 – 12. The first vehicle starts with the first runner on start. After the start, the first vehicle drives to the handover zone, where the second runner will take over the relay. The first runner will get in the vehicle, which will then proceed to the second handover, where the third runner will take over the relay.

The second vehicle is waiting at the hand over after the 6th section, where the relay will be taken over by the seventh runner and so on. Vehicle number 1 will take over the relay after the 12th section. This process repeats itself until the finish.

Only one vehicle in the handover zone

Because of the parking limitations, there is only one vehicle of each team permitted to be present at the handover. In case of a 12-member team, the first vehicle can be present at the hand overs numbered 1 – 6, the second vehicle at the hand overs numbered 6 – 12. In case of a smaller number of team members, or if any of the team members get injured, the hand overs change, according to the current number of runners. Both vehicles can only be present at the big hand overs. If it is necessary, for the two vehicles to meet, it must be done at the big hand overs or elsewhere (not at the other handover zones).

Parking at the marked zones

Some of the hand overs have very limited parking possibilities, so, it will be necessary to park along the road. If this is necessary, vehicles must always be on the right side of the road, whilst the runners are using the left side of the road and the handover take place on the left side, as well.


Drivers don´t have to be members of the team. The driver does take up the place in the car; however, the runners don´t have to rotate and swap the driving responsibility.

Unmarked vehicles

Every team is allowed to use 2 vehicles. Unmarked vehicles can park anywhere along the track, where it is in consensus with the rules of road traffic. Parking in the handover zones is limited, and so, it is meant only for the marked team vehicles and the organizer staff.

Cheering on the track

Vehicles can stop and cheer for their runner at any place, which doesn't cause problems for the runners to pass through.

Communication between the vehicles

It is possible that you won´t have any mobile phone signal at some places on the track. Therefore, it is good to have numbers from different operators in each team. You should have all the team members´ numbers at one place. Make sure, your phones are charged.

Sections, which are inaccessible by team vehicles

There are several sections, through which the team vehicles are not allowed to pass. The reason for this may be a narrow road or complete inaccessibility. These sections are marked in the track itinerary and there are instructions on how to get around these sections and get to the next handover in time in the track description. In there you will also find the estimated time to get to the next handover. In case of a vehicle trying to pass through these sections, their team may be disqualified.

An injured runner during the race

If a runner gets injured during the race, they can be replaced by any other team member. If a runner gets injured during running their section, any other team member can finish the section. However, the rule of one runner never running more than one section (in this case the runner can run the remaining part of the section and then run the following section) and the runners running the same number of sections +/- 1 section must always be kept. It is not possible to exchange an injured runner with a 13th runner. If the runner is severely injured and withdraws from the race, he cannot come back later in the race. The organizer must be informed about any injury as soon as it happens by a team representative.

The same rule applies to an injury of a runner also in the category MIX with the difference, that when the injury occurs to a woman and there are more male than female team members, only women are allowed to run the injured woman´s sections. At least 18 sections must be run by women for the team to be classified as a C) MIX team.

If a runner requires first aid after injury, call the first aid phone line and call the organizer as soon as you´re done arranging runner´s welfare. In case an injured runner only requires to be taken care of by the medic, call the organizer and arrange how to get the medical help as fast as you can on the track. 

Night run

Navigation instructions of the sections run during the night will be in an overall appendix of the sections and in the team card prior to the race. The number of the night sections can be different for every team in dependence from the time of the team´s starting time and how fast they will run.

Every runner must wear a head light during the night. It will make navigation in the dark much easier and it will improve the visibility on the road. Remember to take backup batteries or a backup head light (see recommended gear).

Hand overs

Handover zones are marked areas in length of about 20 m. This is where the handover of relay must be made between the runner finishing their section and the runner beginning their section. The beginning and the end of the handover zone is marked by a road cones. The sign marking the handover zone will be placed about 200 m before the zone.

Track navigation

It is very important to learn as much as possible about all the sections for a successful finishing of the race. It is possible to run the section with a part of the itinerary (map and description). If you are used to using GPS navigation, you can download the part of the race and run with that. We recommend to record the track, or, possibly the coordinates of the handover zones on the GPS navigation in the team vehicles. The track is clearly marked and there will be organizing staff on the lookout at the problematic sections. If these different navigational possibilities are different from each other, keep in mind the importance of each of the following:

1.    Organizer´s instructions
2.    Marking of the track in terrain
3.    Marking of the track
4.    Itinerary instructions
5.    GPS navigation

Showers and break points

The organizer secures a mutual place for the runners to utilize showers and a place for relaxation for the currently not competing team members during the night runs. The place is chosen, so all the competitors can use it (Primary school in Komjatice, hand over #24).

Respect the home occupants

When you´re going down the track, you must be aware of the fact, that all the competitors are guests of the cities they are passing through. Therefore, it is appropriate to behave towards the home occupants with respect and not leave any litter behind yourselves. We want to keep the tradition of this race in the future, so the better impressions we give, the more welcome in these cities we will be.

Please, keep to the following instructions:

  • do not use honking and far lights during the night hours in the inhabited parts of the track
  • do not block the home vehicles by your bad parking
  • do not block the traffic by unnecessarily slow driving or a wrong stop on the side of the road.

This list does not contain all the things you shouldn't do when passing through the inhabited areas of the track. We ask you to consider what you wouldn't like, if there would be a race like this in such close proximity to your home.

Following the rules on track

All the team members, drivers and supporters, fans and family members must follow the rules of the race. In case rules are violated by a team member or a person, who is somehow connected to the team, it will be ruled upon considering the graveness of the violation by an appointed staff and a team may be punished.

Stating an occurrence on the track

You can help improve the security of the race by reporting of the teams endangering themselves or others and also occurrences, which require the organizer´s attention. Organizer staff will be placed along the track and will watch out for the security of the race and following the rules. However, because the track is so long, they will not be able to keep track of everything that happens. That is why we ask all the participating teams to help us and report occurrences or teams, which endanger the safety of the race or violate the rules in any way. Endangering and violation of rules by any team can be ruled by the organizer and they will give their opinion on it until the race is finished. Following can be a warning or even disqualification of the team.

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